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Battle Axe Throwing makes every effort to be inclusive, compassionate, and considerate of our community.


We are committed to increasing access and inclusion to reduce barriers so that everyone can enjoy axe throwing.

If you would like to ask anything specific or require assistance, please email us

NSW Companion Card Discount

At Battle Axe Throwing we offer a 50% discount for NSW Companion Card holders. To access this you must hold a valid NSW Companion Card and accompanying someone who's a participant during your axe throwing session. 


To arrange your discount, please let us know in the comment box at time of booking through the website or reach out to us via email at

Accessing the Venue

To access Battle Axe, there is a a wheelchair accessible ramp as well as double doors to enter the venue.

We've made sure participants requiring mobility assistance can get into the axe throwing lanes easily.


There is a a portion of the axe throwing lanes that are covered in wood chips which may be uneven. If you need assistance, our staff or someone within your session can retrieve your axe for you after each throw.

While we make every attempt to be as accessible as possible, we do operate out of an older venue and we are still striving to improve it. There is a step to access the bathrooms, upon request we have an accessibility ramp.

If you need anything in particular or have any questions or concerns ahead of your session, please contact us at

Lower Sensory Sessions

Axe throwing is a sometimes loud activity with erratic noises from the axes hitting the targets.

Please email us to see how we can best try to accommodate you and discuss what you might experience during your session.

Additional Information

Battle Axe makes every effort to be inclusive, compassionate, and considerate of our axe throwing community.


We are still a work in progress but we are committed to reducing barriers so that everyone can participate in axe throwing at Battle Axe.


We also provide:

  • Dedicated wheelchair access to the venue

  • Double door entry available

  • Wide access to the throwing lanes

  • Accessibility ramp available to access bathrooms

  • Earplugs available at the desk

  • Food and drink options that cover all dietary requirements, including Vegan, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, High-Protein etc...


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